PRIME is not a gym, not a spa, nor a swimming pool or a beauty salon. PRIME is an ethical, holistic, conscientious and modern vision of total well-being. It has a soul and many expressions. Each component, each activity and each technology is part of a well-thought out decision that aims to integrate itself perfectly into the PRIME system, a method of working on the individual which we have defined as the Egosistema.


The PRIME Egosistema model was created to focus on the individual and is continually being updated and improved in order to continually ensure the highest quality and optimal performance. The training areas – Fitness, Weight Training, Swimming, Beauty and Relaxation – were studied in every architectural, technical and functional detail so as to become components of a fluid and modulating path. The study and elaboration of the functional spaces in PRIME sports centers plays an essential role in shaping the paths towards individual growth. The Egosistema is a unique system that allows our members to achieve their personal goals of perfection, centering and balance.
As physical expressions or expressions of one’s inner being, strength, balance and harmony are the pillars on which we have built this unique method, as well as an exceptional Postural Training technique and other similar research formulas which lead us away from the traditional vision of simply building muscle mass, of ‘going to the gym’. Welcome to PRIME, the Egosistema.

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